United Legends, or UL - is a 1 vs 1 real-time strategy game.
United Legends Esports, or ULE - is a platform for players that can play UL game and win Real Money prizes (Esports).

Enter the ULE world and fight in United Legends Esports battles in order to win cash prizes!


  • Join “Fun Money” tournaments to hone your abilities and sharpen your skills.
  • Fun tournaments are against real people from all over the world and unlimited!

Earn Money

  • We give you the opportunity to put your gaming skills to work and earn actual money for it!
  • Enter multiplayer tournaments, play one on one or join our special events, this is your chance to gain money for playing the game you love!
  • In your office, relaxing at home or sitting on the toilet, enter ULE to make money around the clock!

Make your Mark

  • United Legends Esports is about pure gaming.
  • We foster a community of true gamers that vie to be the best.
  • You can see your progress and other participants from around the world in our leaderboard.
  • Here, you can showcase your skills, test them against fellow gamers, and make your mark on the community.

Fair Matching

  • We ensure the optimum functionality and smooth running of the game platform.
  • We guarantee a fair game, level equalized cards & houses, the exact same cards will be available for all participants.
  • You make the difference between victory or defeat – the best player wins.

Who we are

  • We deliver skill-based games.
  • ​​We provide high quality and exciting game and we’re continuously ready to optimize and expand the range.

Your Money Is Safe

  • We maintain a healthy community and guarantee a safe & convenient payment of winnings.