Game Rules

About United Legends Esports

  • The United Legends, or UL - is a pVp real-time strategy game.
  • United Legends Esports, or ULE - is a platform for players that can play UL game and win prize cash (Esports)
  • The following information will specify the essence of the game (technical aspects can be found under FAQ).

Basic rules

  • Two players participate in each battle.
  • The battle itself takes place on a game board and each player has a deck of 8 cards, 1 Main house, and 2 guard houses.
  • The purpose of the game is to destroy the Main house of your opponent while preventing him from doing the same to yours.
  • Attack your opponent by deploying characters from your deck to the game board within the legal placement area (restricted areas will be marked in red).
  • Each card requires a certain amount of pixels to deploy (find pixels information below).
  • In the event of destroying a guard house, the legal placement area for character deployment will be expanded creating a significant advantage.

End of the game

  • The game lasts 2.5 minutes.
  • During the last 60 seconds of the game, the pixel rate is doubled - which means you will get to place down heroes twice as fast.
  • The game is immediately over if a player destroys the opponent's main house.
  • Otherwise, when time runs out, the player who destroyed more guard houses is the winner.
  • In the case of a draw, the game will enter golden-goal overtime, which lasts up to 60 seconds. During overtime, any house destruction ends the game in favor of the player who destroyed it.
  • If none of the players managed to destroy a house during the overtime, the winner will be proclaimed according to the overall damage rate of the houses.
  • If there is an equal damage after overtime the winner will be the first one who achieved this damage.

Game Features

Game Board:

  • The board size is 32x18 tiles.
  • Tiles can be of different types: water, ground and obstacle tiles.


  • Each card has its own characteristics; speed, attackable targets, damage ability, etc.
  • There are several types of cards - water, spell, air, ground, building and drifter.
  • The legal placement area of cards depends on their type:
    Water cards can be placed on water tiles only.
    Spell cards and air cards can be placed anywhere on the board.
    Ground, drifter and building cards can be placed on ground tiles only.
  • A bar appears above each card, informing you of the card health.


  • Arenas are stages in which players compete.
  • Climb to higher arenas can be done by winning real money prizes.
  • In each arena, additional cards are unlocked for use.

The Battle Deck:

  • Deck screen is a card collection displaying the available cards for you to use in battle.
  • Your active deck contains 8 cards which are the actual set of cards you go to battle with, you can manage up to 3 decks.
  • Edit your deck by tapping the card you wish to utilize and then click 'use', to complete the switch choose the card you wish to exchange it with from your active deck.
  • During the battle, your cards will appear according to the order you set them on your active deck.
  • Be aware that the order remains fixed throughout the entire battle.


  • During the battle, each player can see his pixels level at the bottom of the screen.
  • There is a constant base rate for pixels renewal, occasionally the rate will be doubled (last minute of the match, over time, special tournaments) or even tripled (special tournament). There will be an x2/x3 sign at the top right corner of the screen indicating the current pixel rate.
  • Other ways to speed up the pixels renewal is to collect pixel trees and pixel balloons or by special cards.

Tournaments & Special Events:

  • United legends Esport have different types of competition modes - immediate/scheduled.
  • Immediate - you can join and play once have a match, i.e. 1vs1, multiple players
  • Scheduled - scheduled in the future, you can join them up to the event start time or until the participants limit has been reached
  • Once you have joined an event, we will designate money from your account for the event, and charge only after the event will start.
  • You can cancel your participation up to the event start time, and no money will be charged.
  • We will do our best to make sure you are notified before the event starts
  • Players are responsible for their own hardware and internet connection.
    Matches will not be rescheduled because of technical issues or to substitute a player.
  • If the current tournament does not exceed the minimum number of participants or a problem due to force majeure, the tournament is canceled and the frozen money is returned to your account.
  • The time of the tournament is displayed to all players according to the local clock of their device.